Tools for an excellent Project Manager
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Tools for an excellent Project Manager

Project Management Systems allow the manager of a project to view the progress of their team, giving them more visibility over the project. They also allow the individuals that make up the team to track and share their progress in an easy and tidy fashion without consuming much of their time.

Online Project Management Systems take project management a step further by allowing the project manager and its team to have access to the most updated information at any given time. Having all the information related to the progress of a project gathered in a single location guarantees that the information it provides fully represents the current state of the project which allows the project manager to make better and more adequate decisions when needed.

Another advantage of using online project managers is that your employees can access it from almost any off-site location, enabling them to update their progress when working from home or on business trips. All they need to update their progress is a web-browser and a computer with an Internet connection.

Online Project Managers make it easier and less time consuming for your employees to report their progress. This benefits the whole project because they have more time to spend on the work assigned to them and at the same time they provide their managers with a clearer view of the status of the project.

Groobix enables you to assign work to the members of your team, track their progress and alerts you when you fall behind schedule. To learn more about Groobix?s Tasks module, visit: Tour & Free Trial

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